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Get ready of winter still from time ! cousins How to the most choose good , Thermo pe wood

"Omul householder isi do summer winter sled car " At least that says a old saying Actualizandu. it I could says as "omul householder isi take central heating summer winter " air conditioner.

R Dumitriu has high a pension on Valley . After two years of work have saw dream with : eyes building beautiful of 360 of FT square with opt rooms All good and beautiful only as the in winters area are pretty of cold so as have of a need , that to can secure ground optima of pension.

„Ne-am gandit sa cumparam o centrala termica pe gaz. Costul centralei sarea bine de 20.000 de lei, ne mai punand la socoteala faptul ca instalarea si racordarea ei mai costau alte 4.000 de lei. Un vecin m-a intrebat atunci de ce nu iau in calcul o Central heating wood . Initial, mi s-a parut o idee invechita si mi-am imaginat ca non-stop voi fi nevoit sa alimentez centrala asa incat oaspetii sa aiba mereu caldura si apa calda”, ne-a povestit Radu Dumitriu.

Dupa cateva zile in care a tot cautat oferte de tot felul, calculandu-si si recalculandu-si bugetul, barbatul a descoperit Centralele termice pe lemne si carbuni Liepsnele. Si cum de astfel de combustibil nu duce lipsa in zona, oferta i-a facut cu ochiul. „Am descoperit ca, in ciuda a ceea ce imi imaginam, o astfel de centrala performanta nu e nici pe departe atat de scumpa. I bought Liepsnele L 40 Universal at discount such that I paid only 8,200 lions, with that manage sa up to the optimal level pension whole In addition no no e both of the hard maintenance. Charcoal towards example has a autonomy even and of 5 days. Adica, o alimentez acum si abia peste cateva zile trebuie sa o mai incarc o data. Pe lemne, daca am alimentat-o dimineata, abia in dimineata urmatoare mai are nevoie de combustibil”, a mai marturisit din experienta sa Radu Dumitriu.

Liepsnele plant advantages

Plants heat pe wood and Liepsnele digital are designed for various buildings where is installed a system of the with heating radiators and the heating boilers a water in the household purposes or where is installed a system of heater through floor times all them . And the use advantages of the plant Liepsnele L 40 Universal are multiple :

In first rand, AUTONOMY it. So, with a only cast of the or wood sawdust briquettes , burn time of the 30 hours and with the charcoal time is the burning about 3-5 days.

In of second rand, ECONOMY What a done. Solid fuels use for the Liepsnele plants wood or charcoal proportion with the heat produced, Costa little more than other types of the fuel LPG gas - and methane.

A alt Trump il as the represents the fact that is very CLEAN EASY, being required only two cleanings Ash on the Moon any not be submit tar on body boiler as in case other types of . In plus will be burning more efficiency because Burnout type candle and the level NOx will be reduced.

Liepsnele L 40 Universal benefits of 5 years warranty and specialists, sole importer in our country guarantees for the time its functioning of the 25 yrs without problems.


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