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I want to I build a House from AAC Cat ma costa

Purchasing a housing is a decision . a version all the most commune is buying a apartment but calculations look as a alternative is the date build a case That may chosen if ai already a land available.

In time in that the to decide build you House ca you'll obviously be put in the to situation choose between brick AAC or wood Advantage is as any ai choose materials of rent are now more cheap girl of the few years now. More just in exactly half girl of 2006-2008 looks the real estate experts.

Pe principiul “omul gospodar isi face vara sanie si iarna car” conteaza foarte mult si perioada din an cand faci achizitia materialelor de constructie. In sezonul rece, intrucat cererea este mai mica, si pretul este mai scazut.

Materials bought in months cold cost of the construction a case from AAC is the to rise from 300 to 350 of euro per meter square with all with the and mortar labor. You but account as amount represents only 20% 25 in cost total of construction because it does as the most pricey are the actually finishes may chosen if call to the material high quality .

Alt a advantage of a case built from materials AAC is the time execution extreme of the rapid Practical in just eight weeks and with a team of four five or a house workers from blocks AAC may be ready Speed with that it execute construction reduce costs on the that you assume workmanship.

Savings with AAC Celco

BCA Celco more at easy material of the masonry product in Romania actually special of the important when comes comes about savings on many Such plans consumption more little on shipping because you can sa upload more multi pallets a shipping number of limiting Road between warehouse and the works where you up.

Consumption more few money and in handling and release in opera by the force reduction work required on . In addition processing light a material in the Silica fume concrete cellular no requires tools and the devices very expensive.

In addition items AAC have a Celco structure type comb of honey compusa from million of the air microcells with and the that the role have insulator heat such that the and you'll save in this sense as the no you will have need of a insulation extra if use of a thick AAC of the minimum 35 cm.

Celco Megaterm Plus, towards example insulates heat and the sound may well than most materials of the market is the and fire resistant from point of the seismic views.

Blocks AAC Celco are the in -resistant front climate change such that the a material represents daily pass with success test time In plus in the resistance despite increased materials represents construction affordable any Pocket.


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