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Top 5 benefits of a case from BCA

Silica fume concrete cellular known plain AAC as one of represents the most modern materials of . Is used so to the construction family small sizes cat and for the high buildings more more . Everything because benefits his huge.

AAC is the in one more good materials of construction and the from represents one solutions the most light and quick in case most types of construction.

Here's a who are main trumps of houses built from BCA:

1. Weight calculator small. AAC is a material of the construction porous structure uniform in configuration which air is dark in the million bookcase pore distributed uniform. Just this structure make il lighter sourdough to be at the most easy material masonry. This thing no no as means is and . sa Need know as AAC support any type of the roof including tiles considered very heavy.

2. Resistance very good mechanics stretch and compression bending. Help AAC can build both walls and how structural walls nestructurali material being perfect for buildings because resistance multistage to the to compression stretch and the AAC bending CELCO has a strength to the compression between 15 and 5 N/mmp in the function type product and its destination. So buildings have a strength good to earthquakes.

3. Wall of protection against fire. AAC has a good very resistance from fire being made from a material inorganic minerial . a according to the specialists ' wall from AAC with a thick of 100 up to 200 of mm may have a strength fire and of up to 6 hours.

4. Thermal Insulation Wi-Fi. AAC is a material insulation that keeps a pleasant ambient House in the no matter the season. CELCO, unul dintre cei mai mari producatori de BCA de la noi, a creat CELCO Superblock, care combina coeficientul de transfer termic garantat, cu rezistenta la compresiune superioara. Acest tip de BCA reprezinta alegerea corecta pentru crearea unei constructii durabile care sa garanteze siguranta si confort. Este ideal pentru constructii situate in zone seismice, predispuse la inundatii si incendii.

5. Duration little of execution. Alt a advantage giant of blocks AAC is the their compact size which what you do easy of handle and of Practical structured AAC is a material production since may be put in opera with the low consumption of labor and of the mortar with up to 50% girl of other solutions construction.

La CELCO iti poti alege blocks BCA in the function wall thickness on want to il up.

6. ecological Material. AAC is not toxic and not pollute the surrounding medium because is done in the raw materials natural and whole or process manufacturing being performed with a low consumption Construction made from BCA CELCO ensure family a environment healthy non allergenic.


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