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What does a system full for roof

Those may multi owners of housing isi sa prefer build House dream their or to the real estate renovate a barely bought or inherited with the works in own directing.


In this case guard good bad danger switch after how says a saying . Not always can stake on your knowledge in the construction matter and choice a system full for roof may be prove a mission not if instruction claim advice some specialist in domain.

Choose Insert pe over

In case systems roof BILKA Tips the most your le matching may da sales representatives ai company or staff in the that partner companies buy these products in showroomurile their But if want to do you in advance one idea clara is good to get walk on how the samples next in the exposed showroom.

You will notice the systems fixing elements a roof anti-condensation foil protects the inside of the House in the girl of temperature differences inner to recorded and from outer or the system and gutters downspouts that take waters rain of the roof.

Choosing after how I said still proves something more intricate In first rand no hurt to get consulting with one of the RAM experts relating to type building towards want to il cover.

Various perks

Unele modele  de acoperis, asa cum este System Retro Panel, se dovedesc  a fi destinate acoperisurilor unor imobile cu valoare istorica si arhitecturala, avantajul fiind ca aceste solutii constructive nu modifica linia arhitecturala a casei pe care vrei sa o renovezi. In case lor, inclusiv sistemul de fixare este diferit, elementele acestuia nefiind la vedere.

In case sistemelor de acoperis din tigla metalica Balcanic sau Clasic, montajul panourilor metalice pentru a asigura etanseitate presupune o fixare cu suruburi autofiletante care sa elimine riscul unor infiltatii nedorite sub panouri.

All items shims BILKA are protected against occurrence of rust layer and models for shims from outer have ends infiletare in various colors that it wine with the your shade metal tile.

This point of views every system of roof from tiles metal RAM has benefits various in the function type paper that the must be executed.

As the system collection of rain water although has a quality attitude guaranteed technology Swedish and steel Swedish used to manufacturing of the must be chosen according to the in the of features of weather area in that it find House and of size roof and of the slope drain a water.

Else experts RAM have the time thought from to these details such that pluvial system is accomplished at second sizes various 150/100 and 125/90 but and in a wide palette of colours.

Protection long

One of items with a protective role special is the foil anti-condensation BILKA created special for the these systems roof in the metal tile. This let vapor of water transfer in a inside case to go but not will allows moisture to penetrate inside .

Anti-condensation foil BILKA is available in the reels of various sizes flexible may be many constructive variations in a lifting roof of real estate.

Un alt element de protectie  il reprezinta finisajul coloristic din gama Quartz, menit sa asigure o rezistenta superioara la loviturile si zgarieturile care pot interveni in timpul transportului sau montajului. Tratamentul Quartz al tablei metalice din care este realizat acoperisul tau are atat un rol de protectie suplimentara, cat si unul estetic, garantia oferita de acest produs atent testat in laboratoarele Arcellor Mittal fiind de 15 ani de la aplicare.


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