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What type floor to ? choose Tiles or natural stone ?

Do you want to change the from appearance of floor bathroom from lounge kitchen in or? Or to the classic give parquet in dining and in ? bedroom there are very many materials but these finishing the most popular remain natural stone here is sandstone. some tips for the you help to get decide what the version you choose.

Main differences

Her well both materials are of a quality excellent but to the stone natural durability has a : in advantage travertineui case Latte example (unul in the most types of thick ) travertine formation stone was the in spent a few hundred thousands of years and resistance in house more chosen if mobo is impermeabilizata ( and so Gen of traffic intense or ) spots and it impressive.

O alta diferenta este cea legata de aspect: daca iti doresti un material uniform, de aceeasi culoare sau cu un pattern repetitiv, atunci gresia este ceea ce cauti. in cazul pietrei naturale, aspectul e un pic diferit: fiecare placa este unica iar fiecare „familie” de placi are trasaturi similare. Venaturile (cel mai des intalnite la marble) %travertineui specific gaps waters fascinating shades that you find on a Board of the create slate textures . So if you want a texture in the floor sa say in a self story then choose natural stone.

In addition can as sandstone may be a version simple and the to functional bathroom or Hall the input but for the floor living room kitchen in or risk to create a atmosphere trivial more chosen with the that models mimic natural stone or wood what to not choose material authentic?

Choose material in the function camera specifics

Atat in cazul gresiei, cat si a pietrei naturale, placa trebuie aleasa in functie de nivelul de trafic, umiditate (pardoseala din baie) dar si aspect. Bineinteles, ideal este sa ai alaturi, in procesul de amenajare, un designer de interior sau un arhitect. Daca totusi lucrezi singur, trebuie sa faci un research extra – serios, pentru a lua cea mai buna decizie.

De exemplu, materialul cel mai dur este granitul – acesta ar indeplini cu succes rolul de placa pentru un hol traficat insa, ca principiu, exista si materiale mai calde, precum travertine. If it waterproof (adica if i is ) sealed pores and if e chosen in a version motherboard more thick will be enough of the to traffic resistant intense but will be and extreme of beautiful.

Material in the function budget

Here sandstone has a advantage most motherboards of sandstone are cheap more than stone . but if report value to the duration life of product balance lean towards natural stone Ie sandstone will be change with safety in two three five years which why we bring a new expense: the team montage that will remove old floor then will mount new boards on next cost effectively of a new material and the that in fact new cash your will be . Stone natural in the no has need than an sealing ( degrees date on year to the most many ) boards will much more resist much in plus after years of the use when then cause tear will tocite areas appear any spots texture recovery of the stone fix Extras fast through polishing of surface followed by waterproofing process in case sandstone is not possible.

Floor heating in ?

Then when you are the heater in the floor e sa important ai in the views thermal inertia a material in the that the must be to choose Concrete talk of the retention heat recovery cold season duration but and of a retention temperature pleasant on duration hot season Stone natural has a good density heating together with a other material natural: wood of which advantage is the slow absorption warmth work This is natural because fact ca are the materials in nature taken.

French pattern!

Un alt punct in care piatra naturala iese mai bine este modelul placii: daca in cazul gresiei, variantele sunt simple, placi standard, in cazul travertineui, de exemplu, gasesti foarte multe variante de forme ale placii, deci poti gandi un proiect mult mai creativ din punct de vedere vizual.

Hexagonal tiles of the signs 10 cm or motherboards big with a side of the 60 cm are just several from methods through that can eject in highlight space Of example o Board big of the stone natural mounted in a roomy living area will help to the impression of an airy rooms large when a pleasant little of the side with travertine of 10 cm possibly antiqued will be in perfect agreement with a kitchen more small or with a bathroom At the most fashion kind of a % arrange plates at 28 and creative more ) is course, French patterns, that will bring a record and the subtle atypical interesting any decorations.


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