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How to do the economy to you! home 6 tips practical

"Zero" loss is a new concept but that start to come land and the new Practical is a about it style of life in that the and minimalism recycling are keyword here's why you should to do for the to reduced maximum losses in your House:

Select clothes from wardrobe

Select clothes on le deposit in wardrobe pick them on the that you like and the to quits on no le more Gates Buy your clothes rare but may . E favorite to go to shopping just a date of the second times year may chosen in period discounts.

Donate things useless

When feel as things from home does more are the your taste in place sa le keep and its you aglomerezi lighting may well donate them. you will find with fuse on the that someone to appreciate the gesture of your and tie you we sa seat remains you scenery from " so how want . In addition take in account the fact that a plant big natural will oxygenate room.

Give up to the from plastic ware

Avoid his use objects of the use as well as unique plastic utensils in the or towels paper Plates from ceramic or towels in cotton will be prove in a time investment much more profitable All in this sense e good to buy products bulk. What s much no as the means necessarily e stupid. In addition love sa learning water of the tap and to take one with moderation.

Save water and current

Use paper toilet recuperation and recyclable container for the liquid soap or for shampoo In place sa buy a new mop for washing floor can use clothes old from cotton Wash laundry just a date of the second times week In the way it you'll save water and the electric.

We reuse paper and the to quit pens

Use stylus mechanical pencils or we reuse paper printed for notes well choose with printers Rechargeable cartridges. Give up to the Bills paper and your accounts electronics for the subscriptions utilities Also is the use to indicated stick sites memory in place CDs and of DVDs..

Plant flowers the to drought-resistant

If ai garden planted flowers and the vegetables to drought-resistant and install-ti a System irrigation sensor that the to the level reduce water used for the your watering crops.

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