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You know what is the at may messy place in ? bath, you'll be amazed at the !

Perhaps you're thinking at more dirty seat from bathroom toilet ! Wrong! Bacteria and the pathogenic microorganisms adscund is in the that places no no did you have imagined. a study according to design of a teacher in the to microbiology University from Ohio United States floor is place at more messy from home.

Professor support as floor is place with those more multi germs inch square adding as set bacteria vary in the function traffic from bathroom habits those that a use and how in the that the floor is cleaned.

Even at 1 minute after what the was the on floor care bath is add about 100 of the germs inch square and after about the time this number increase to a million according to

Floor not only is the most surface in just bathroom but is and the most susceptible to dirt in short long it is the fill bacteria on that you bring of out of waste products of care fire of the hair coat animals etc..

At a study thoroughly was the that found floor is find staphylococci bacteria as well as dangerous e. coli that is the problems responsibility digestive and urinary infections .

Safety of now before you will clean the may des floor bath More than is the that this indicated to be green with the help antibacterial substances for the most cat blast multi dangerous microbes!

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