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15 things that the does know as you can wash to car

Car washing machine you can make life much more much if a use the true they worth Although those more multi people of the use washing machine just for the wash clothes it may wash much more more things from home on used to le wash hand .

All what needs to do the to choose with care program de washing and temperature water in the function objects on want to le wash Iata things that the few it think to you can wash to car:

1. Toys of plus

2. mop Heads

3. Gloves for oven

4. Base

5. high heels pumps shoes

6. Toys small like parts of lego toys of water etc.

7. Pillows

8. beds and Duvets

9. Curtains software of the hot tub

10. Rucasici

11. Walking of yoga

12. Covorsul from bathroom and other any carpeta size small

13. Bags reusable shopping

14. Equipment of sport

15. animal Cot company

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Matilda Stanciu

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