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3 items from home on must sa we wash more des

What do after maid ai trend of a in throw MOP bucket and it let there until the next autilizare ? work This is total wrong! Behold three habits at the must sa quitting if want to you a House more . Learn who are the most dirty objects from home and how the des needs to le clean.

Carpels of Cookware

The most many times ignore carpels kitchen when comes comes of maid Knew but that they are a environment development friendly bacteria ? Moisture the stains fat trail of fruit veg or may be of many times eye imperceptible free but only good for as bacteria to be breed over . Wash carpels kitchen weekly without of them mix but with clothes Is the to indicated wash using a washing cycle to the most high temperature thus that bacteria to have not no shot More than in place of balm add to rinse vinegar It removing unpleasant odors le carpe and disinfects.

MOP and mature

Mopurile and the sweep accumulates huge amount More microbes than they will be develop if every candidate products of maid no are the periodically disinfected. Mature may be the second care weeks with the to detergent to remove dirt part microbes Mop in the must washing machine very well after every usage.

Power switch

The switches are some tooth the most dirty objects from home All the world hand put them sometimes a without wash before Of the times no catering your was wrong to you need of light in time what gateai and its chicken hand on switch without to get wash before? To to avoid as bacteria to be breed over measurement erase periodically switches with a cloth clean and alcohol . Is to do indicated this thing at least a date two weeks.

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