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3 things from kitchen who are more dirty than toilet

Whoever ai ask that is at more messy seat from House you we answer as toilet Her well these approaches are wrong At more messy seat from home is the kitchen. This is full of virus and the highly bacteria support hazardous Behold who are you dangers that lurk all step in kitchen and the that objects need to le dezinfectezi des more.


Sink este cel mai ud loc din bucatarie, favorizand astfel dezvoltarea microbilor. In plus, scrgerea acesteia este plina de resturi, depuse pe tevi, inclusiv bacterii periculoase precum salmonella si E. coli. Asigura-te asadar ca dezinfectezi ghiuveta, inclusiv robinetii cu o substanta pueternica, cel putin o data la doua-trei zile.

Sponge Cookware

Those may multi people considered sponge clean because it all time washing machine with the dish detergent ! Wrong! It is place favorite of bacteria can develop unhindered in the pores it. e. Sheet being preintre the most hazardous bacteria what is hide in the sponges . Change so sponges a date on the Moon for the disinfect -i put in daily microwave oven with the time of the second minutes temperature wholesale.

Countertop of kitchen

Place in that chick bags when you turn of the shopping fruit vegetables and other food is more messy than ai believe. your Although it may sound clean month no microbes can be seen eye . here is a find quantity great of the and virus preintre microbes that and famous e. sheet and salmonella

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