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5 tricks bizarre of maid that just works

Tell of razor stains for the wine or rice for ? washing bottles may as you call weird but just works Iata five things bizarre but useful in cleanliness House.

1. Use rice for the clean bottles and boranele. If dirt from inside bottles jars or is hard of clean add a hand of rice negatit this in pa warm and the TLS dish detergent Close well container and shake it very well. Rice being abrasive will remove up and the most inaccessible spots . Bottles and the your jars will look new .

2. Vodka for cleaning mattress. Mattress may be green dezinfectata and very easy with help this country that no no and smell has color Mix 30 ml of vodka with a cup water and add solution made in a bottle with sprayer . If want to get a solution toilet add several spray of the essential oil in flavour . Shake good and the solution pulverizes mattress mattress Let then to be dry Bacteria will go away fast.

3. /spuma Cream shaving removes stains wine. Wine stains red white or sofas or rugs textiles other may be remote with help foam for shaving Apply foam on stain and massage good then tamponeaza everything with a cloth absorbance clean Repeat if process required.

4. Congeleaza wax. Wax became in tulasi b or the that the failed on various materials fabric may be remote with usability if is ice cream Odata what is in the cools completely freezer wax will be strange and it will off only of the container or materials textiles.

5. Congeleaza jeans! If want as jeans tai sa rezite more than to the their patreze and elasticity color then needs to congelezi. Add-i in a bag zipper and let in the freezer over night. all bacteria will fast and subside jeans tai will look new .

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