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Cleanliness 21%weekly Duties on to you the final check of week

Saturdays is the day who those more multi a Affairs dedicate. of the most many times but from rushing of a finish cat more fast cleanliness can jump over details essential. list of Behold gold a Martha Stewart for a maid perfect!


Living room:

  • Throw newspapers magazines and the that no more you need and store them the on want to le keep
  • Place all objects to the their place
  • Aspire rugs /sau and the floor very well
  • Decorative pillows aspire sofa and armchairs
  • Aspire with help brush special dust books from the library
  • Delete dust furniture and decorative objects and appliances
  • Wash glazing


  • Change bedclothes
  • Put all objects to the their place throw them on the that the most no you need
  • Aspire well floor and rugs
  • Delete dust furniture decorative objects
  • Wash mirror and glazing
  • Wash floor

Hallway entrance in house and stairs:

  • Delete and the clantele disinfects la doors
  • Cleans and disinfects banister
  • Aspire well stairs and floor
  • Delete dust furniture decorative objects
  • Wash mirror
  • Wash floor


  • Throw all the expired products
  • Put all objects to the their place
  • Aspire well floor
  • Wash fire and the oven microwave
  • Delete furniture and objects appliances of powder and of any spots
  • Wash and the and disinfects sinks scurgatorul for Cookware
  • Wash gloves and the carpels kitchen
  • Throw trash cart and disinfects add a new bag bag
  • Wash floor


  • Change and wash towels and the bathroom bathrobes
  • Wash and the sink bath disinfects cabin shower and the dish toilet
  • Delete dust by on the wardrobe lapa
  • Throw out the trash and the cart disinfects Add then a new bag bag
  • Wash mirror and glazing
  • Aspire floor
  • Wash floor foarte bine

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