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How escape ants that you invades House

ODATA with the heat many arrival confructa problem Ant that you invades homes. here is how you can quickly rid without little invaders to the call solutions toxic.

Salt with the baking powder

Have you noticed that ants you have ? kitchen invaded Sprinkle on down salt mixed with the baking powder or bicarbonate After what have forsaken room add this blend next frame of the fereatra and /sau of usa you secure as not will enter never in your House.

Solution on the base lemon

Create own in insecticide ingredients 100% natural Mix juice of the second lemon with a Lite water in solution pulverizes place in that ants have made nest For the that they prevent to enter and in the House regular pulverizes solution in surrounding House or in right Windows.

Drafting lines with chalk

A way simple of a you ants to the distance your House is sa paint lines with the in around chalk House or in the Windows right So ants will stand la distance no as support calcium carbonate in the well can sprinkle powder of the in chalk flower pots plant if notice as small invaders want to create a hill in pot.

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