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Aragazul este murdarit adesea in timpul prepararii mancarurilor sau prajiturilor. Petele de murdarie sunt foarte greu de indepartat in special cand se ard. Iata cum poti surata aragazul usor, apeland la substante naturale. 

1. Cleaning the cooker

Cooker will if become bright il clean with the help sodium bicarbonate . Add 2 tablespoons of the bicarbonate sodium to a glass with water fire and delete with the solution obtained.

2. Grill Cleaning

For stains ge fat and the burns you can prepare a solution 3 tablespoons of the bicarbonate sodium a glass with the water juice of a lemon Add solution on spots and it to work time of 20 30 - minutes then erase stove with a clean cloth.

3. Cleaning the oven

Stains fat from oven may be remote with a help solutions on the base salt in glass add juice de la half of lemon 2-3 tablespoons salt Cup remaining completes with water Mix well up when salt it melts. Put solution on spots las sa makes several minutes then remove solution with a sponge soaked in abrasive water hot.

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