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How to clean effectively granite ! Tricks that the to need know them

Granite is used often for the realization of kitchen countertops floors or a bath Granite offers style and the elegance rooms in that is used For as impact to be same just and after a period long needs to know how to the use it properly.


In case in the that granite no is care proper with time isi will lose glow or isi may right change color here are some tricks need to keep account in time in the that clean granite.

For cleaning granite needs to the use liquid detergent spray special for granite and alcohol isopropyl.

Wash more first granite with aid detergent liquid for the indepata deposits fat and dirt let l sa se dry full then apply spray special what will offer a suprafara glossy When was dry erase surface with a help dry carpe clean .

Daca dupa curatarea cu detergent lichid granitul nu este perfect curat amesteca 1/4 cu o jumatate de cana de sapun lichid si ¼ cana apa. Curata apoi granitul folosind o carpa moale.

Attention! Avoid products of clean acid in trade because in time isi will lose from gloss and in color Opt for products special granite intended.

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