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How to create alone a support with magnets for knives

I don't know where to deposit for Selvi a le find more fast when you need of ? them support special on the base magnets is solution for you! In addition il can create just you saving money so .

You need :

  • a Board of the wood about 2-3 cm thickness
  • a drill
  • super glue
  • round magnets have the same size with the to the that the Drillholes on le in the card wood
  • Lac spreay for finish
  • 2 hanging brackets
  • 4 (mai nails than thickness motherboard wood )
  • Hammer
  • 2 large nails

Length height motherboard le choose in the function space available and of . You still account of the that in fact function height length and motherboard you will need have of a number different of magnets.

With the help of drill holes on fa part in the back coating Ai care as the holes to be enough of big for the music in but Interrupters same time no needs to be no loose Holes no must to be more deep 1 cm thick. to Realize holes a distance 1 cm between them.

Once you what all dat add holes superglue and puts every magnet in them Compress easy with help fingers then let it over night to be dry.

A second day apply Lake protector After what is dry well very place custom made pullers on the to plywood dimensions equal girl of margins and catch them with help nails.

The beat in the second wall -resistant nails and hang mobo Now no you his than remains knives sat in the order desired.

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