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How to create single a carpet unique, in 3 simple steps VIDEO

You want a carpet unique with that the your camera decorate or to 's surprising loved ones small ? to the gives up the idea na buy one that in mod sure is very expensive ci create just you own carpet coloring Iata cat is the easy!


  • a canvas thick
  • ATA of the various mohair color
  • Glue

1. Cut canvas such that to get form and sizes . Sticks then margins as in the music video more down.

2. Using second chairs on sat distance juatate of a wrap meter sul of Tie mohair then volume to the obtained distances of 5-6 cm then cut every sul to half hub that to get the same tassels. Repeat procedure until the get number need of balls.

3. Lipeste bilutele de panza cu ajutorul Glueului si lasa-le sa se usuce foarte bine.

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Matilda Stanciu

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