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How to make home solution perfect for cleaning screens

Screens computer tv or phones attract dust and dirt if elected are used daily More than phone or Tablet are a real VHF infection outbreak these regasandu- only no powder ci and the background sebum ten and the hazardous countless bacteria.

The most many times solutions bought in trade are very expensive and not always . a but Iata solution on the that can do home with money few and the that the is ideal for cleaning screens electronics.

You need :

  • a cup vinegar white
  • glass with sprayer
  • in microfibre cloth

Attention! Poti folosi orice tip de glass with sprayer. Trebuie in schimb sa ai grija ca aceasta sa fie foarte curata.

Intr-un glass with sprayer adauga apa si otetul si amesteca totul foarte bine.

Start by a erase well screen with help carpei with Microfiber for the remove dust and the stains fat or background ten.

Then pulverizes some solution on a other cloth clean and erase good phone screen computer or at of tv.

Vinegar help la removal germs being a natural antiseptic. Is so o solution ideal special in for the that ones have kids and will to the cat more tina far of microbes.

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