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How to the difficult stains remove on , carpet with help iron ironing

Difficult stains rug or carpet are at the most hard . Knew but that you can remove very easy with help iron ironing without sa call la chemicals?

This technique may be overused so to the stains removal fat and how to the stains removal wine coffee or chocolate.

Here's a for what you need:

  • a glass with the empty spray
  • vinegar of white wine
  • water
  • an absorbent towel cotton

Adauga in sticla cu pulverizator trei parti water si o parte otet. Amesteca bine.

Pulverizes solution made over stain up when surface mat is the Let wet to act a minute.

Between time wet very good and towel with the same solution place it stain over iron ironing of hot step up cloth is the full drying If is the need repeat procedure. you will oberva ca stain of fat carpet will disappear.

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