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How to the escape from home fleas ! Tricks simple and efficient

Many people it face with problem flea that you invades homes. In the season hot they can enter very easy in your House just if not ai animals of . can bring with the 's ease clothes or enter in the House yard.

Here's why you should to do if you are with problem flea from housing.

AI animals ? company Deparaziteaza-le

If ai animals of the first company measurement that must to take one is the deworming them. In the and in cabinets veterinary pharmacies find solutions special on to le apply on neck animals.

Well can imbarierea to aplea them with the special shampoos against fleas .

If ai a e that il out out or a cat what loves to be walk through yard is in the indicated season hot sa bear in permanent o collar anti flea.

Redraw the entire House

Aspire very well whole House including chairs chairs sofa bed and . After nozzle is the to indicated open vacuums out for as the to no fleas escape the new in housing.

Tufted carpets rugs wash and the of bed sheets

Once you what the that you found problems with the wash fleas all sheets more cat temperature high.

Fleas isi lay their eggs on rugs and on rugs Needs to make them out for the le wash very well. If not ai yard can lead rugs to a Center washing machine Many of the spalatoriile cars offers and it feature.

Aspire in new and the use a with steam mop

After ai what Lucy rugs and the from home tufted carpets aspire in new House very well special in insisting in the and near corners crack Wash then floor with a help with steam mop.

Apply flea anti-solutions

After vacuuming and cleaning house apply solutions anti-flea. Le find in the shops specialist sub form of the Before spary. a apply pre-charged close panes and not let animals and the in children. Apply solution starting with camera in that you saw and ending with rest . Let House dark time of the second minimum hours then good very ventilates House.

Hold to ? yard Escape the fleas you can enter in new in

If you stay at yard chances as fleas to the new enter in House are very . Court Squirting with no and insecticides let weed to the great grow very . the fleas loves sa stand hidden If tai weed brief they will isi find other and the hiding will leave court your House.

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