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May not hip consumers throw with silica 5 mods useful in that you can use in

The most many times silica with hip consumers (Silica ) Gel what find in the boxes with shoes or in bags then when you buy get to ? trash Them well needs to the to find usually cat Iata useful may be these!

Protect pictures collection

All world has home full albums with the or 's picture packs full with the photo the most many times these are the stored in wardrobe in a NUMPAD in cellar places and of unfriendly many times moist. For as pictures to be keep may well in the time sa not be damage odata with the time passage must be sa add between these some bags with silica.

You can keep dry towels bed sheets from closet

Used to the deposit towels in bathroom cupboard ? to the Then you need know that they are subject humidity . You can keep but dry and fresh if add between these some bags with silica.

Protect device camera

All with using pliculetelor with silica can lens prevent condensation device your camera All the what you need to do is sa le keep deposit in bag device.

You can keep dry the your make-up

The may many people store make-up in bathroom They will be damage but fast from cause humidity if not adugi inter these variety several bags with silica.

Bag Hall not will more smell never bad

You can avoid as bacteria mold and its you the equipment legal sport nadusit by a put several bags in the bag fitness Will be of help and in about smell on Silicon il aboarbe fast.

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