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Mineral water , the ally n in cleanliness House

Did you know ca can use mineral water cleanliness in ? House Trivial booze on a find in every house may be of a real help in stains removal . Iata three mods in the that can use.

Clean objects of the bottle stainless steel

With water help mineral can clean deposits of fat and of the powder on the objects glass and stainless steel All the what you need to do is sa le leave to the in soaked mineral water time of half of time Then to le clatesti well.

Removes stains fat

Tavile or pans in that you can meat preparation difficult clean. Pour carbonated water in pan and it to act quarter one time throw dirty water debris from cleans fat with the your regular detergent of . you'll see as the Pan will be clean much more easy!

Clean glazing and windscreen

AI left without solutions for clean windscreen panes or of the ? car Replaces them with mineral water glass Shake very good and the little pours cate water in the dirty places. Erase then good with a the glass cloth of cotton clean.

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