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Salt, miracle ingredient to cleanliness House Iata how a ! you can use

Salt is a in spice indispensable any kitchen Knew but like this may be overused and with alt end? Behold three mods excellent in the that can use in the cleaning process.

Sponge Cookware. After what brush sponge ships CK one more aspet clogged if you chose cleaning an pan in that you meat fried. For as sponge sa show as new wash it little detergent of dish rinse it very well any remove aftermath detergent and the then put him in an Bowl with water cold in that you 3-4 dissolved tablespoons of salt let it time of 10 minutes then rinse him. Will look new .

Objects from silver and copper. Jewelry decorative items or cutlery may be cleaned with a pasta salt in made and vinegar Mix a spoon salt fine with a teaspoon of vinegar and with a help sponge clean whip with care objects on want to le clean Rinse them then water with the temperature camera and erase le a cloth clean dry .

Clean stains of coffee tea and wine. How many times no your was wrong to the glass with wine or to the coffee in ? fire may When bears here this thing add a hand of salt over stain and it to work time of 1-2 minutes Salt a and absorb liquid you will be much more easy to the that clean surface.

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